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Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014

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Willie Dutch Bio

In the game of life there are victims and there are survivors.  The latter can be used to describe the author and hip-hop artist known as Willie Dutch.  Faced with overwhelming adversity he overcame the odds that were stacked against him and turned tragedy into triumph, proving that nothing--not even a 140-month prison sentence--could knock the hustle.

Born Edward Hubbard, the 30-year-old Houston native was introduced to violence at the tender age of two when his mother was shot and killed by his biological father. By the time he reached his teens his aging grandparents whom raised him could only stand by and watch as the athletically gifted, straight “A” student succumbed to his pent up rage and ventured further and further into the streets.

His foray into the drug game had him seeing more money than his peers could have ever dreamed of, but his criminal lifestyle soon caught up with him and eventually led him to state prison, and subsequently, the Federal prison system. Ironically, it took losing his freedom to find his true purpose and identity. Using his time to his advantage he turned a minor setback into a major comeback and went on to release a mixtape, which he recorded over the phone, two published novels, and write for several magazines. And just like that Willie Dutch was born.

With a name derived both from the late, great soul singer, Willie Hutch, and his favorite cigar brand, the man formerly known as inmate #13634-179 has set out to tell his inspiring story both through his music and his literature. After serving 9 plus years in the feds he was released in 2011 and in just his first year home he released 5 mixtapes, a short story, and a novel. Willie Dutch has made no excuses about his troubled past. In fact, it was his past that has shaped him into the man he is today. Not just another statistic, but an author, an artist, a magazine columnist, a radio/tv personality and more importantly…A SURVIVOR! Cheap tamoxifen generic online purchase.

Discography: Free Willie Dutch: The Mixtape – 2011; Feels Good 2 Be Home-2011; Free at Last : The Underground Album– 2011; The Cookin’ w/ Dutch EP-2012; Convict Confessions – 2012
Writing Credits: King Magazine; Street Lit Review; Street Elements Magazine; Mink Magazine; Lock Down Love ( Short Story); The Passion Party ( Short Story); A Day After Forever (Novel); A Day After Forever 2 (Novel); White Collar Hustler ( Novel)
Television/Film: Prison X; Love is Pain

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